sannyas is such a vast experience

it cannot be spoken

it can only be lived

the moment you dive into sannyas

a new universe opens for you

and that universe is no ordinary universe

you are entering the buddhafield and the mystery school

of the great masters

suddenly you are part of that family

of the millions of seekers of truth

your very taking of sannyas

proclaims that you are open…available

and you will be receptive to all that is showered upon you

past sannyas celebrations

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  2. ukraine

  3. europe

  4. mexico

  5. india

  6. russia

it is a very mysterious journey

you are connecting to millions of souls

who have all decided

that they are willing to understand the truth of their being

and they have entered the heartbeat of millions of seekers

they are no more ordinary

they may not realize it then

it may take time for that realization to dawn upon them

but in that moment of sannyas

the master is watching

the sky is open

and the miracle is happening

when the disciple is ready

the master appears

he has always been there

he has always been watching

but you were not ready

when the disciple is ready

the master comes for you…

the master is a mother

a big womb

a big hara

a vast ship floating in the sky

you are one with it

just waiting

the moment you will come home

you will understand

that you already had it

all the master did is to help you disappear

so do not think that i am giving sannyas

i only watch…in wonder

this great happening of sannyas !

we celebrate

those who know the secret

they know

after that…this chain will be around your neck

what to do…love is love

the  mala is a chain of love around your neck

until you dissolve into it

until your heart beats like one…

and you are gone

sannyas is the greatest gift

you heard about it…you have read about it…

now it is time to live it…

time to dance your buddha

that is the greatest moment in your life

this decision of sannyas if taken deeply

transforms you instantly…

by receiving sannyas the master looks at you

and takes you into his being

and you can just relax and float

and wait for your rebirth…

the moment you receive your sannyas

a new life begins

you have a silent guide

the master is a silent guide

he knows

you do not know…

he gives you his eyes

you give him your heart

and slowly slowly he will pull you

and bridge you to the universal

question     what happens in sannyas ?

nothing happens

all happening comes to a stop

and you are perfect

you are perfect when everything stops

and nothing is meant to happen

sannyas is the end of dreaming

it is the ultimate…beyond the dream and the awakening

sannyas is an awakening to the present totality of your being herenow

everything disappears…nothing happens

and you lose everything !

sannyas is dropping everything that you have

everything that you know

you become totally lost with no care

this body…this mind…this emotion…you set aside

and that state…the buddha within you…receives the ultimate treasure

a remembrance of you is sannyas

you simply remember…aha…i do not need to be

i am

the search ends

nothing happens

just a single taste of it and you will not know what it is

you will not know anything

but something within you will ignite

something within you will become light

it is so mysterious

it will enter so deep within you

you will not know what it is

and you need not know what it is

you simply go with the river

and the river will reach the ocean

you have fallen into the river of yes

sannyas is the river of yes to existence

it is a yes to your inner light

it is saying yes…yes…yes…

let it flow…let it flow…let it flow…