beloved cocom resident and friends

we have been waiting for one year now
for the announcement of the goa regional development plan 2021

finally on 10 november 2011 goa government announced their regional plan 2021 which is now announced but still not legally ratified or passed into law

there has been huge opposition from all districts and panchayats of goa
to scrap this regional plan 2021 and all are fighting
against the various new legal land rulings

that have been announced in these new land regulations
now there is total confusion in goa as to
how and when projects will be allowed to construct

and it now seems all are caught up in huge disputes and chaos
read the various newspapers links below :

there are also many mistakes found
and rectifications are being asked for by thousands of property owners

now the goa government has set new dates for rectifications and corrections
and all applications for rectifications have a deadline by 5 december 2011

thereafter another 3 months for clarifications and corrections
and completion have been set until further official announcement

it seems it will take till april 2012 for all these matters to be taken care of
and then only will this regional plan 2021 be made into a legal guideline if it survives

a few days ago on 21 november 2011
we met high government officials of town and planning
to remind them again of our pending application
for our project plans to be approved
and have been assured that our project will be accepted
as soon as these regional plans become legal
and our applications go through the necessary paperwork
for final project approval

we will have to wait until april 2012 for our applications to start legal process
perhaps will be completed 6 months - by august 2012

another major issue now :
the government is going through new elections in february 2012
and until we see the outcome as to which political party will come into power
we cannot foresee who will give us final building permissions

we need to wait and see the political election results
and also the legalization of this new land development goa regional plan 2021

some good news : mexico

in the meanwhile – for the past 6 months we have been working in mexico
as we had been gifted a beautiful 50 acres forest property in riviera maya
near cancun and playa del carmen opposite cozumel island

we are in quintana roo of mexico which is pure paradise and our 50 acres property
is located in riviera maya where millions of tourists come
for these paradise beaches and forests and scuba diving island
there are many new eco projects coming up with high end developments

our team has been working these past 4 months
to present our mexico cocom project
and have met project planning people from
mexican government departments regarding our proposal

our cocom project initial proposed masterplan application has been now placed
with regional mexican officials and has met with initial approval
it seems we will have all necessary legalization and approval
for building in 6 months – by may 2012

we had already planned this mexico cocom as our 2nd project after goa cocom
as we were gifted this riviera maya 50 acres forest land in 2010
now seeing the continuous delays in indian government approvals for building
we have decided to move ahead with our riviera maya cocom project first
while we wait for all legal paperwork to be completed in india

our idea is to offer a co share between
residents of goa and riviera maya communes
whereby residents can move easily between each commune
which will make their being a resident of either cocom double value !!

in mexico again our plan is to offer 60 residents space at cost price
our goa residents can now choose to own their cottage
in goa cocom or in riviera maya cocom

any resident who has already reserved a cottage in goa cocoa is allowed to change
from goa india cocom to riviera maya mexico cocom if they wish to now

we request all residents to make their choice and let us know :
in which cocom you wish to have your cottage

please contact us in case you want to move to riviera maya mexico cocom
and we will send you more details and information

in mexico we are setting up a bank trust - ozen cocom trust
our trust will be a charitable organization and in mexico foreigners are allowed
to own their cottage under the mexican bank trust fideicomiso setup

with love to all
from pure paradise of mexico…rajneesh

GOA REGIONAL PLAN 2021 newspaper links :

most beloved residents and lovers of osho cocom

we have been waiting for goa government to officially announce the regional plan

the last announcement was in 5 march 2011 that plans have been approved for quepem and ponda and they will be released in public by april. the plan was released in may and withdrawn due to several objections and public scrutiny for 30 days and for filing objections. the government has now announced that the whole goa
regional 2021 plans will be released altogether in july august 2011

we have spoken to all concerned authorities and have been assured of their support once the regional plan is released and that our development plan will be accepted and approved

the good news is that the regional plan has officially proposed a new main road and bridge which touches and passes our fenced property. this main road goes along
our boundary for 80 meters and with this announcement our land prices have gone up 8 times

this also saves us 30 lakhs for bridge 40 lakhs for road and 30 lakhs for electricity infrastructure costs. this means a total saving of 1 crore alone while potentially raising our property value to above 20 crores due to becoming a main road property.

it has started pouring monsoon for the next 4 months and all has come to a stop
till end october we expect that the goa regional plans announcement and official notifications will also be done by then which will allow us to begin construction in november 2011

It is unfortunate that the project has been delayed and this particular situation is
only isolated to the state of goa where all construction are waiting for regional plan 2021 notifications. for your information building projects all over india are normal and routine and it was expected that we would start building in november 2010
as the goa plan was to be announced by then

please appreciate and understand that over 25 sannyasins have been involved day and night in the project development so far preparing and clearing the land, accounts, planning and government liaison, project report and government meetings, architecture and structural drawings and approvals, materials sourcing traveling and purchase, legal work and paper filing, banking and accounts, property and materials management, website development and book editing etc etc…there is huge effort and work that goes into such a large project and each here has made their total efforts towards the cocom project. they have all come to goa sacrificing their security and jobs and offered their time and support for this vision to make osho vision available free for all...

this is our personal project and commitment dedicated towards our master osho
and his vision...our project is self created by our few lovers and we are not
financially funded nor supported by any official osho organisation or osho center
who have vested interest in making a business out of osho

we are committed to offering osho vision for free...
which is a complete revolution in the sannyas movement...

project development account           rupees INR =       dollars US$

cocom member loans received =    352,94,800 =   784,300 US$
land purchase / development =       205,92,500 =   457,600 US$
road development =                         25,00,000 =      55,555 US$
land development costs =                 15,03,000 =     33,400 US$
project assets =                               13,20,000 =       29,300 US$
loans and deposits =                         19,94,500 =     44,300 US$
project expenses 8 months =              8,45,000 =     18,800 US$
bank deposits =                                34,28,300 =     76,200 US$
buddha hall gift received =                  2,65,500 =       5,900 US$
swami rajneesh funds =                  400,00,000 =    888,888 US$
                                                      774,23,800 =  1,720,528 US$

50 acres property current value =   503,70,000 =  1,119,300 US$

property valuation after road and regional plan release
with project approval =                 2,000,00,000 = 4,444,444 US$   

osho cocom goa

letter november 2011